Is LOVE a one way street?

 I was walking in the LES (Lower East Side, for those of you who don't know..),  with a broken heart on my sleeve. I just broke up with my boyfriend, and was headed for some retail therapy. I stumbled upon a street fair in Manhattan and found Insiders 1. I immediately saw a bag with the "Love One Way" image. I thought to myself, "is love a one way street?!" OMG, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. This was getting heavy, I started to cry, holding the bag in my hands. I had to buy it. It made me feel happy and empowered again.

With my new fabulous bag, I noticed that guys were checking me out left and right. This is what I needed. Men were giving me double takes as I walked by. It was awesome.  Then I saw him;  staring me down. He stopped, and looked at my bag. Energy was blazing between us. I didn't know what to say. He finally broke the ice, and said "is love a one way street?" I said "do you want it to be?", he said "My name is Valentin.." I blushed, it was sign of the start of a beautiful friendship. We both still don't have the answer to our question "is love a one way street" , but we do know that we love each other.


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