Happy customers in our Chelsea Market store

Here are some photos of happy customers in our Chelsea Market store.

Eve from Vancouver, Canada wrote to us:
"I have several of your purses. I am from Vancouver and I am a flight attendant.
I have to tell you, my others are my favorite things I own!!
I get complements all over the world!!!"
Eve is pictured below with her new bag, large tote with Manhattan Bridge image.

End of Summer News!

Dear INSIDERS1 Friends and Loyal Fans,
We hope that you are all enjoying the end of the Summer : )
For a limited time when you shop online, enter the code: insiders1 and receive 10% Discount, on any item in our line (shipping fees apply).
We are also open every day in our two locations in NYC :
- "Artists and Fleas", inside the CHELSEA MARKET on 10th Avenue. & 15 st.
-  Grand Central Station at The Graybar Passage, by The Lexington Ave. entrance.
We offer 15% off, on all purchases at these two locations : )
We are also introducing a few NEW items, and IMAGES, which will be available both online, and in our two locations in NYC, very soon.
We will keep you posted.

Photos from our store in "Artists & Fleas" at the Chelsea Market

Below are some pictures of our store in "Artists & Fleas" at the Chelsea market. Also some customers as the singer Anna Vissi with the Large Tote Cyclone
& the Broadway show star of "Motown" -  Brandon Dixon with the LaptopBag. Also some ladies with the same t-shirt that say: "Friends don't let friends shop alone" : )

INSIDERS1 is giving you 15% off in our 2 locations!

We are very excited to be back at The Graybar Passage inside Grand Central Station (close by to the Apple store).

Just opened yesterday and we are doing amazing already!

We will be open everyday from 8am to 8pm, except for Sundays, through the month of August / 13.

We are also open everyday, in the "Artists And Fleas" at the lovely Chelsea Market from 10am to 7pm

Please come by the 2 locations, and enjoy 15% off, from our prices online.

We have in both locations a few items that we have not uploaded into our website yet, such as:

- Men's Front Pocket Wallets, with built in Money Clip.

- Men's Billfold Wallet (new images)

- Lady's Wallets (new images)

- Leather Gloves with Cashmere lining

- I Phone Covers (4&5)

We hope to see you, and enjoy the rest of the Summer : )


Our CHELSEA MARKET Store location: 

In "Artists & Fleas" at the wonderful CHELSEA MARKET.
Right at the 10th Ave. Entrance - under the HIGH LINE 
Next to 15th st.

Open every day from 10am-7pm.
15% off in our NEW store only!!!

We look forward to seeing you : )
& if you are not around Manhattan, feel free to shop online.

10% OFF and FREE Shipping Worldwide is Extended until Valentine's Day!

We have had our BEST YEAR EVER : )
We want to thank ALL of you for your continued support, and for helping us grow and succeed.

As a way of thanking ALL of you, we have decided to extend the current promotion which is 10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

When ordering online, enter the discount code : fallsale12,
at the checkout. This code is good until February 14/13 (Valentine's Day).
If you are in NYC, please visit us at The Graybar Passage Kiosk, inside Grand Central Station.

We are there everyday except Sundays until February 28/13.
We are open from: 8am - 8pm Monday thru Friday, and Saturday from 10am - 8pm.

The 10% discount also applies in the Kiosk.
We wish you ALL, a Very Happy and Successful 2013 : )

Insiders1 Fall 2012 Market Locations

We've opened our Holiday Markets in Union Square & Grand Central Terminal & they are both doing better than ever : )

Please come to check out our NEW designs, such as The Leather Gloves, with 100% Cashmere, and a few more.   

Union Square Market is located on 14 st. between Broadway & University St., across the street from Wholefoods.

Grand Central Holiday Market is in Vanderbilt Hall inside Grand Central Station.  We are located on the Bridge,
going up to 42nd Street, towards Vanderbilt Hall,  from The Main Information Clock, in Grand Central Station.

You can't miss our beautiful NEW Booth : )

We are open every day from 10-8pm & Sunday from 11-7pm.

Both Markets are in the Heart of NYC, and are fun and creative places to visit, and we look forward to seeing you there.


Video of Our Story


Insiders1 featured on Woman Around Town Online Magazine

Insiders1 – Handbags For Chic Insiders

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 by Sarah D. Mathews on Shopping Around

Everyone knows that the most fashionable bags and purses are found on the shoulders of the women of New York. But what you may not know is that many of those bags are actually created in the city as well.

Manhattan Bridge Image Added to Our Collection

I was passing by CANAL st. & W. Broadway & saw this sign (you see in the BEFORE picture..) I took my camera out from my Insiders bag & click! The AFTER picture shows what I have done with the boring sad image: layers of colors, graffiti & happiness..
Best to NY!

Is LOVE a one way street?

 I was walking in the LES (Lower East Side, for those of you who don't know..),  with a broken heart on my sleeve. I just broke up with my boyfriend, and was headed for some retail therapy. I stumbled upon a street fair in Manhattan and found Insiders 1. I immediately saw a bag with the "Love One Way" image. I thought to myself, "is love a one way street?!" OMG, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. This was getting heavy, I started to cry, holding the bag in my hands. I had to buy it. It made me feel happy and empowered again.

With my new fabulous bag, I noticed that guys were checking me out left and right. This is what I needed. Men were giving me double takes as I walked by. It was awesome.  Then I saw him;  staring me down. He stopped, and looked at my bag. Energy was blazing between us. I didn't know what to say. He finally broke the ice, and said "is love a one way street?" I said "do you want it to be?", he said "My name is Valentin.." I blushed, it was sign of the start of a beautiful friendship. We both still don't have the answer to our question "is love a one way street" , but we do know that we love each other.

Me, My Bag, In London

I was in London. I was lonely. I went to the British Museum to gaze at some Italian Renaissance paintings. I was carrying my “New York” Milano Large Messenger Bag filled with my journals and IMAC lab top. As I sat gazing at the paintings…a woman stopped and sat next to me. She was older. She was hot. She was a Cougar. She was starring at me. I was uncomfortable, yet excited. What was she going to say, or do? We sat in silence. The tension was getting wierd. I was shaking. I finally realized that she was looking at my Insiders 1 “New York” Messenger Bag. Then with a graceful, swift gesture, she opened her purse and brought out a “Cyclone” wallet. Our eyes met and glimmer of respect was exchanged… We understood each other.

posted by Ryan

A Story from a Fan...

One story from a fan….
“I am a big fan of Insider’s 1. I have most of the bags and accessories in different images and love them all! I was traveling in Japan, and Europe and carried my “Brooklyn Tote Bag” with me everywhere. I received compliments everywhere I traveled, people asked to me “I love your bag, where did you get it?” …
Insider’s 1 bags are the best bags to TRAVEL with!
See some pics of my favorite bags and gloves!"
posted by Jordana

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A big shout out to some of our Brooklyn friends, shown here giving the new collection a spin.