Sigal De-Mayo, Second Column

That was almost ten years ago. Looking back, I can see what a big moment that was for me. I thought I was promoting another business when I realized that what I really loved was creating something wearable inspired by the experience of being in a specific place. That’s when I founded Insiders1 and let my whole life change. Through Insiders1 I have been challenged to grow as an artist, I have met the people who have become my closest friends, and found the love of my life, my husband and business partner, Fabio Otalora.

Fabio and I are always talking about how even though we have this company, and there is a lot of work involved, it never feels like ‘work’ it really is our lifestyle. We get to explore the world and express the things we experience through our products. It is thrilling to create pieces that can make our customers feel happy, beautiful and sexy. That is how we like to feel too.